Gucci Rush EDT 75ml women EDT Brand New


Gucci Rush EDT 75ml women EDT Brand New

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Description of this product:
The beginning is dominated by a gorgeous saturated scent of freesia. At the heart is a gentle embrace of gardenia and jasmine. The classic scent of flowers is combined with the sensual essences of patchouli and vanilla at the base. The fragrance has a pronounced luxurious, evening look. Launched in 1999.
Review of our perfumer:
Gucci Rush - a predatory character
The modern woman is forced to be strong, confident, brave and determined. Only in this way can a true woman achieve recognition, success and prosperity. Men often do not even know how difficult this is: a combination of gentle yin and swift yang in a beautiful but gentle body.
Gucci Rush eau de toilette first saw the light of day in the late 22nd century, but even the most skilled perfume designers had no idea what success Gucci Rush would achieve. Success is not late. In just a few months of its debut, the fragrance Gucci Rush has won millions of women's hearts.
The chic bouquet of Gucci Rush fragrances is simply created for a cheerful and ambitious woman who is used to achieving everything she dreams of and wants. It doesn't matter if they are career plans, love or unplanned adventure trips. Gucci Rush eau de toilette will combine perfectly with the natural beauty of every woman.
Gucci Rush - a style that does not tolerate objections
The owner of Gucci Rush is a female predator who is incredibly beautiful and attractive, in a word a magnet, but a little insidious, fearless and strong in spirit. She looks like a majestic tigress, queen of snow forests and colorful jungles, so regal, enchanting and fearless. That's why you shouldn't underestimate the owner of Gucci Rush. She is not only incredibly attractive, but also damn smart, and anyone who dares to enter into an intellectual duel with her is doomed.
The fragrance is designed to emphasize the impeccable style of its owner, and is also able to change with its owner. But do not relax too much if the fragrance suddenly begins to entice you with its sensual and gentle notes. It is possible that this is another trap and you are the predator lady chosen as the next victim of Gucci Rush.
The scent will be best revealed during the day. It is designed for everyday use. It is best to use it during the summer and spring months. Top notes are freesia, lily, rose, predominant - lily, gardenia, palm tree, narcissus, and base - blackcurrant, musk, oakmoss.
Type: Ladies
Type: Eau de toilette (EDT)
Quantity: 75 ml
Packaging: Original packaging

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