Aloe Vera immune plus drinking gel 1000 ml ORGANIC


Aloe Vera immune plus drinking gel 1000 ml ORGANIC

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Description of this product:
LR LIFETAKT Aloe Vera Immune Plus Drinking Gel supports the body's immune system. The synergistic action of the ingredients has an overall effect on the immune system, which makes it unique on the market.
Triple plus:
STRENGTHENS immune cells to protect against bacteria thanks to Aloe Vera gel, ginger, honey and selenium.
ACTIVATES the production of new immune cells and reactivates existing ones.3 In particular, zinc helps in the division and proliferation of immune cells.
STIMULATES the immune system with vitamin C (which is also found in lemon and ginger) so that it can react faster to attacks.
This daily dose of "immune force" is not only effective but also delicious. Combines the light sharpness of ginger with the freshness of lemon and the sweetness of honey. The high quality of the product is constantly checked and certified by independent institutes such as!

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